Newport Crest Surgical Center

Ambulatory Surgical  

2042 Quail St, Newport Beach , CA - 92660

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Aliso Viejo Capistrano Beach Corona del Mar Costa Mesa Dana Point Foothill Ranch Fountain Valley Huntington Beach Irvine Ladera Ranch Laguna Beach Laguna Hills Lake Forest Midway City Mission Viejo Orange Rancho Santa Margarita San Juan Capistrano Santa Ana Trabuco Canyon Tustin Villa Park Westminster

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Ambulatory Surgical from neighborhood cities

Costa Mesa

Newport Plaza Surgery Center

1091 NEWPORT BLVD STE 240, Costa Mesa , CA - 92627
Phone: 949-515-1040
Specialty: Ambulatory Surgical

Advanced Surgical Partners, Llc

720 Paularino Ave Ste 100 , Costa Mesa , CA - 92626
Phone: 714-641-2640
Specialty: Ambulatory Surgical

Dr. Kyoung Chol Kim MD

720 Paularino Ave #200, Costa Mesa , CA - 92626
Phone: 714-641-2640
Specialty: Ambulatory Surgical

Sunflower Surgical Institute, Llc

3420 Bristol St Ste 750 , Costa Mesa , CA - 92626
Phone: 714-432-1438
Specialty: Ambulatory Surgical

Robin Black OGNP, FASCCP

2077 Harbor Blvd , Costa Mesa , CA - 92627
Phone: 949-722-2510
Specialty: Ambulatory Surgical

Foothill Ranch

Foothill Ranch Surgi-center

26781 Portola Pkwy Suite 4E, Foothill Ranch , CA - 92610
Phone: 949-837-3000
Specialty: Ambulatory Surgical

Foothill Ranch Surgery & Medical Center, Inc.

27462 Portola Parkway Suite 101, Foothill Ranch , CA - 92610
Phone: 949-727-9099
Specialty: Ambulatory Surgical

Fountain Valley

Mile Square Surgery Center

10760 Warner Avenue 102, Fountain Valley , CA - 92708
Phone: 714-274-0388
Specialty: Ambulatory Surgical

Doctors Surgery Center, A Medical Corporation

10900 Warner Ave Suite # 101A, Fountain Valley , CA - 92708
Phone: 714-698-1270
Specialty: Ambulatory Surgical

Pacific Endoscopy Center, Llc

17815 Newhope St Suite R, Fountain Valley , CA - 92708
Phone: 714-432-8881
Specialty: Ambulatory Surgical

Pacific Endoscopy & Surgery Center Lp

17815 Newhope St Suite R, Fountain Valley , CA - 92708
Phone: 714-432-8881
Specialty: Ambulatory Surgical

Specialty Surgery Center At Fountain Valley Regional Hospital Llc

11190 Warner Ave Suite 212, Fountain Valley , CA - 92708
Phone: 714-427-0880
Specialty: Ambulatory Surgical

Huntington Beach

The Advanced Healthcare Group

7677 Center Ave Suite 104, Huntington Beach , CA - 92647
Phone: 714-897-5396
Specialty: Ambulatory Surgical

Four Seasons Surgery Centers Of Huntington Beach

17752 Beach Blvd , Huntington Beach , CA - 92647
Phone: 714-842-1426
Specialty: Ambulatory Surgical

Pacific Coast Spine Institute And Pain Center

17822 BEACH BLVD STE 101 , Huntington Beach , CA - 92647
Phone: 714-847-3666
Specialty: Ambulatory Surgical

The Advanced Surgical Institute

19671 Beach Blvd Suite 321, Huntington Beach , CA - 92648
Phone: 714-969-2520
Specialty: Ambulatory Surgical

Huntington Surgery Center

7801 Center Ave Suite 102, Huntington Beach , CA - 92647
Phone: 714-230-2400
Specialty: Ambulatory Surgical
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